Some pictures of a recent bit of outreach/mass work undertaken and still in progress by the EcoVillage St Louis collective and supported by For the People St. Louis (FTP-STL) and The Center for Peoples' Self-Determination (CPSD STL).

An elderly black lady with a bedridden daughter has been constantly cheated by dishonest contractors hired to fix various problems within her household.

After months of constant shady dealings and multiple shoddy jobs, and after years of of have to survive on public assistance in the impoverished West End of St. Louis, and having to take care of both her and her daughter's failing health, her house fell into a state of disrepair and failed to meet city codes.

This would put the only place she has in jeopardy, as the city has been actively gentrifying this area, condemning and seizing properties for minor code violations and owed back taxes.

Only together can we be the truly progressive force that leads the masses to overthrowing the settler-colonial constructs and values that are the shared underpinnings of almost every oppressive system and ideology that exists today.

For more info on the EcoVillage St Louis Collective and FTP-STL, or to find out more about what we do and believe, how you can help or how you can build this in your own city, check out these Fashbook pages or pm me.

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